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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

a s****d prank!

last nite, we were hit by 2 irresponsible guys who played prank on my hubby. one of them called my husband and told him in a very serious manner that there was someone riding a black bike, with fullface helmet, waiting outside our gate. 2 nites before he told my husband that this guy has been lingering in front of my house around 11 pm. that has made my husband particularly anxious, that he couldnt sleep at nite, for the fear of someone would break into our house. but last nite, it was for real. my hubby just finished his isya' prayer when this guy called. he said that he had caught the guy who waited outside. my husband shouted and told his friend to remain there as he would call the police. it was about 40 feet distance from my door to the front gate. we could see two people fighting in front. we were frightened. my children were screaming. they knew that some bad guys were here. a few minutes later, the policeman arrived. seeing him, my husband opened the gate (it's electric gate). suddenly, these two b****y guys dashed in! the guy with helmet took it off. Oh My! they are none other than our friends!! my husband was so furious!!. he apologised to the police who was at that time on duty at some other place, observing some drug addicts, but rushed to my house knowing that there was an emergency. my hubby then forced these 2 guys to the police station. they dont have any idea of the implications. they dont realise that my husband and the police have good professional bond. over there, my husband explained to the officer that these 2 boys have played prank on him. the officer was serious. my husband was embarassed. he is well-known to the police station. the police know my husband and look highly on him. but this incident has scratched his reputation. these 2 guys, dont they realise that giving false information can create problem to others? one of them even boasted to my husband that their Plan A was to leave his motorbike in front of the gate, and they wanted to climb over the wall so it will look as if someone breaks into our house! that is even crazy! what if the police patrol car comes and the officers draw the gun and shoot them while they are showing their s****d drama???

no, no apologise from them. they didnt take it seriously. they even said that my husband shouldnt have called the police. to me, they do not have respect to my husband, even though my husband is their boss at work. they could laugh about it afterwards. but, i forced my husband to text them. it was at 1.30am. i dont care. i know they were still up. tell them that I was so furious. I was mad at them. at their immaturity. at their irresponsibility. their s****d acts have made all my children frightened. have made my disabled husband worried like hell. i wont forgive them. they dont deserve it. till now, there's still no reply to the text.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

over the weekend..

terasa lama betul weekend kali ni. ye lah, isnin pun cuti sempena birthday Sultan Johor. oleh kerana anak2 demam, batuk & selsema, so kita tak kemana2.. just stayed home, doing whatever we wanted. basically, on saturday, anak2 spent their time on books and pens. colouring, drawing, doodling, tearing, gluing, scrunching, folding (even munching for akmal!), anything that has to do with papers, which really made them so quiet and engrossed. tapi, sampahnye lepas tu, memang berchinta la nak kemas... later in the afternoon, we went out. di satu kawasan di jalan johor, memang dah lama teringin nak menjengah ke art centre (can't remember the name of the school at the moment). after lunch, i took nina & fatin to the school. met with the guy (probably the clerk). chatted with him. susah sikit nak cakap bahasa malaysia, dia tak faham. so i used english. pun dia tak faham juga. last2, katanye, datang esok utk jumpa dgn cikgu.

so the next day (Sunday), we came again. kali ni nina sangat excited. ada beberapa budak cina yang comel2 dengan pakaian ballet sedang bergolek2 atas lantai. then, i waved to the teacher. oh, she was expecting me too! tak sangka pulak. so, after a discussion, she's fluent in both BM and English (which made my life easier), adlina akan dimasukkan utk belajar ballet di school tersebut. she said, not to worry, walaupun adlina sorang je budak melayu, she'll make sure that instructions will be in BM & English. dan of course bahasa cina utk budak2 cina. and, dah namanye budak2 kan, cepatnya adlina & budak2 cina tu berkawan. tak tau nama lagi, tapi they have started smiling at each other, said some few words, and that little girl even allowed adlina to touch her dress. yuran bulanan tak lah mahal, only rm50, tapi bajunya yang mahal, nearly rm200!. so, i told nina, in order to buy the dress, nina tak boleh beli jajan yang bukan2, and toys yg ntah ape2, sbb nak kena save duit utk beli baju. kelas akan bermula Januari next year. fatin, pun sebok juga kata, 'fatin nak belajar ballerina'.. tapi cikgu kata, fatin kecik lagi, nnt org lain tak boleh belajar sbb asyik tengok keletah fatin dalam kelas.

sebelah malam, we went to the barber. rambut akmal dah panjang sangat. akmal lebih dikenali sebagai budak yang 'cool', tapi malam tadi dia tak cool langsung. tengok je muka tukang gunting tu, dia melalak macam apa this was the first time akmal gunting rambut kat kedai yg selalu ayah dia gunting juga. kedai india. dia memang expert. before this, akmal gunting rambut kat kedai di sri pulai, pakcik melayu. bila dah menangis mcm tu, macha tu panggil ayah suruh duduk, dan dia dudukkan akmal atas ayah. bila hampir siap gunting, baru lah tak nangis lagi. bila nak balik akmal siap babai lagi dengan macha tu. bertuah punye akmal!

fatin, ataupun we always called her, budak montel, sangat suka makan. outside the barber, ada gerai jual burger. dengan bau burger yang mengancam tu, we ordered 2 (for dad & mom). tiba2 fatin pun kata, 'fatin nak jugak burger'. ok, so we ordered benjo for fatin. on the way nak masuk jalan ke rumah, ada abg jual sate. tiba2 ada request juga nak sate. ok, kita beli sate pulak. sampai rumah, fatin memang betul2 makan benjo tu. amboi berselera betul nampaknya. fatin, fatin, mana lah badan tu tak montel!

before bedtime... after cleaning the kitchen, suasana senyap. manalah anak2 ni agaknye. rupa2 nye they were all in bed... masing2 meniarap dengan senyap. oh.. menyambung colouring lagi.. and main stickers yang memang ada dlm colouring books tu. lantai jadi mangsa tampalan stickers diorang ni. dulu2 fatin suka tampal kat dinding. bila dah kena tegur, dia tampal kat lantai pulak. kena tegur lagi, dia tampal kat muka & tangan akmal!

finally when i announced that i will turn off the light, barulah budak2 ni, kemas2, sebok nak brush teeth, wash face & feet, barulah sebok si fatin mintak susu, and nina sebok2 susun bantal. i think, it was about 11p.m barulah diorang dozed off...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

baru kini bertemu kembali

I remember, once, I attended a blogging course conducted by a colleague. that was long time ago (it seems to me). and I remember, we were asked to create our own blog. I did, just to abandon it afterwards. Recently, CAD offered the same course to all staff, and that sparked my memory about my long lost blog! Where have i left it? With help from my little sister, finally i found what i've been looking for. Yes, my blog. The one I created in the Multimedia Lab. So my 1st & last post were dated in March 2008. Oh my! That's 2 years back!

Apparently, of course, there are loads of reasons for that. My class schedule was tremendously packed, class began at 8am, and some days in a week, it was stretched till 11pm. With almost 300 students, their assignments, presentations, reports, & final exams (among other things) to take care of, writing for pleasure was almost impossible. Every minute was dedicated to work, work, work.

But, what about now? Do I have time or (more time) to write for pleasure? The Dean  once said, we all have 24 hours a day, so we must be good to manage our time, to do & accomplish what we want to. He's right. Well, at this point (the semester has ended, students are not here, they will return to campus for final exam beginning next week), I have some spare time. So, I'll write. I hope this attempt will not be abandonded anymore. Hopefully I could write, about anything that comes across...