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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

lotsa things happened

still in Week 1 of 2011, so it's still not late to wish everyone Happy New Year, rite? this year, i spent the new year eve cozily wrapped in blanket and head covered with pillow, after swallowing 2 panadols. Yes. headache. a really throbbing pain. luckily i was in my BIL & SIL's house in KL, so I have a nephew & nieces who helped babysitting all my children. until at 12 midnite I was awaken by the firecrackers explosive sound that forced me to get out of the bed, as Nina excitedly called me to witness the sparkles. our plan was to go out somewhere, like dataran merdeka, and my niece suggested a less crowded place in the amcorp mall, to celebrate new year. but since i was down with headache, the plan was cancelled. but everybody was happy. staying home wasnt bad at all. i imagine going out with crowds around would make my headache worse!

before that, on thursday, 30th december, we went to Aquaria, again! this time i took along my BIL's 3 loyal children. they were big enough to help handling my small kids. ;) So, the trip was fun, exciting, and better than the previous one. this time around, there's an octopus. the seahorses are distinctive. previously they were still small & transparent. i feel that the number of sharks is more, and stingrays too. Adlina was excited as always. Fathinah, still did not enjoy watching 'big fish', but she's ok with the 'small' ones. Akmal fell asleep on our way to the tunnel. The 3 big kids, are supportive . along the way...

on the day that Malaysians got their public holiday because of football, we planned to visit the bird parks & also jln TAR. But those 2 were cancelled. my hubby was exhausted and had leg pain. the kids asked why they just stayed home that day. But, at nite, we went to mid valley the gardens. I purposely asked my BIL to take us there. yes, BORDERS. Hani, my friend, told me that. when I reached Borders, the aroma (books + starbucks coffee at the back) really reminds me of Borders at Bristol. the place where I used to pop in everyday, especially during lunch break when I worked at the Co-Op, Queens St. And also late evening, especially after my husband returned from his lab, we used to have coffee at starbucks. we were regulars there, that in 2005 we were given tokens for free drinks & cakes by the starbucks' manager, Richard, i guess his name is. So, here in Borders, i bought 6 books for my daughters, and 2 magz for myself. and my SIL bought some books for her children as well.

(ok, got to stop here. will continue later, now it's time for faculty meeting...)