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Friday, July 8, 2011

mixed feelings

Alhamdulillah, I have received the offer letter to pursue study at UTM via email on Wednesday, 6th July. The registration is on the 6th September and lectures begin on the 12th. But, (because of my own doings) I am not sure if I could secure the scholarship by September. Fingers-crossed, ultimately, InsyaAllah, i pray that Allah will have some mercy on me about this matter...
So, this particular email has made my nervous system works extra hard these past 2 days - a mixed feeling of excitement, enthusiasm, apprehensive, uneasy, blank, sleep-deprivation - only to mention some.
Sambung belajar ini adalah satu tanggungjawab besar yang perlu diuruskan dengan baik, apatah lagi dengan menggunakan biasiswa negara, duit rakyat jelata, duit kita semua, so, saya mesti belajar bersungguh2 dan berjaya, dan memberi sumbangan sewajarnya kepada rakyat dan negara.

Friends asked who my supervisor is. I have 2.
'Wah, kak, dia sangat strict! Saya pernah "menangis air mata darah" bila dia jadi examiner saya', Aisyah responded. I gulped. 'Tapi dia sangat jaga kualiti research students di bawah dia', she continued.

'Kak, nanti saya nak pinjam dan baca thesis akak bila dah siap. Selalunya students yang belajar dengan supervisor ni, produced high quality research & paper', Hanim added.

I called the FP office to ask about courses I need to register, and she asked who my supervisor is.

'Wah, puan, beruntung puan dapat supervisors tersebut. 2 - 2 sangat strict tapi mereka sangat bagus. InsyaAllah, puan, ok.' She remarked.

Most friends, especially those who have had experience learning from these two lecturers gave similar comment. They are both strict but at the same time helpful. "Ya Allah... permudahkanlah urusanku dengan bakal supervisors ku ini..."... 

Andai ada yang membaca entri saya ini, doakan saya dalam meneroka satu perjalanan yang baru ini ya... Thanks a lot!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

full of beans...

Ginny, my top floor neighbour in Bristol, always said this to Adlina - 'Look at you, you're full of beans!'. What does it mean, i asked her. and she said - someone who has a lot of energy and enthusiasm. and that's very true, indeed. (not only Adlina, but all the 3 - fathinah & akmal).
These photos were taken on Sunday, 3rd July. We arrived at Air Hitam (from JB) at around 3.45. Adlina went straight to her ballet class and was given extra 15 minutes lesson (the courtesy of the teacher, because we were late, the class began at 3). After ballet, we went to Jentayu restaurant for a cuppa & yong taufu. When everyone was full, they requested a playground, so we stopped at the RnR Dato' Sukiman.

adlina - tak sesuai main jongkang jongkit dgn baju ballet!

because there are only 2 swings, adlina had to resort to sthg like this.

nasib baik mama nampak kat tempat landing tu ada 't**i kucing'!

from grace to ....? ganas kot

akmal takut2 at first

Alhamdulillah, they slept early that nite - around 8.30! they must've been so exhausted!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

newborn niece

my baby sister, (sometimes i still feel that she's still a baby)... i still remember when i was 13 and she was 3, she would come with mom to visit me at hostel. she was cute then, and she's grown to a beautiful lady. just last thursday, the 30th June, she delivered her first baby, named Amirah Nabilah, and that's the latest addition to my big family. Amirah is the 8th grandchild of my parents. My own kids are very excited about the new baby. They cuddled, kissed, smooched, and put the baby on their laps, everything. Unfortunately, my camera battery was flat that i didnt manage to snap their photos ;(.

But luckily I did snap this cute 'little suzy' stitched to the blanket we gave Amirah...

unfinished - without back stitch and the baby is still in the womb ;). design taken from the best cross stitch collection mag

finished - the piece sewn on the blanket. (can you spot the error?)
We hope that Amirah will be happy cozily wrapped in this blanket.
Semoga Amirah menjadi anak solehah dunia akhirat....

The following photos are abducted from the daddy's fb album heheheh....

comel kannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn......